Peggy Watson (Raczkowska) was born in Poland in 1921 but was brought up in working class Glasgow where developed her passion for dance.

Peggy Watson c1975
Photo - Ric Bolzan
She left Glasgow for London and trained at the London Palladium during the war. She and worked with the New Russian Ballet and became ballet mistress at the Palladium.

Peggy settled in Australia with her mother, her Polish husband Roderick and son Zigmunt in 1959. She became ballet mistress at the Tivoli and taught at Bodenweiser Dance Studio which she found progressive,  but moved to Miss Valrene Tweedie's Australian Academy of Ballet which taught more traditional styles.

Peggy Watson c1975
Photo - Ric Bolzan
Peggy focused mostly on jazz and tap styles for both the students interested in it, and the classical students who needed to learn some rhythm.

She had a strong connection with the Bluebells at the Lido Theatre in Paris, and provided Bluebells with a steady stream of tall Australian dancers.

Her professionalism, enthusiasm, love of dance and overall attitude to life had a profound effect on me and she was an inspiration to her students and colleagues in the world of dance.

For more information about Peggy, see the article by Susan Hely: Peggy Watson can still outdance everyone.

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